Maybe She Should Have Kept That E-Bay Plane
By: Mark W Adams

Operative paragraph of a rare incidence of the AP doing it's job (via):
In all, Palin has charged the state $21,012 for her three daughters' 64 one-way and 12 round-trip commercial flights since she took office in December 2006. In some other cases, she has charged the state for hotel rooms for the girls.
No doubt further inquiry will reveal that all of the spots the Palin family visited were exclusively within "Real, Pro-America" parts of the country.  Any suggestions that this behavior might consitute theft in office or tax evasion will be met with the usual IOKIYAR "Tut-Tutting" from the Village media.

Also, now transferred from the elitist Anti-American snobbish parts of the country and forevermore designated "Real Stores" as acceptable to "Real Americans" as Walmart, K-Mart, Sears and Sam's Club:

Saks Fifth Avenue - $49,425.74
Neiman Marcus - $75,062.63

Other stores that are now permissible for "Real Americans" to patriotically do their part to help bail out the economy by shopping till they drop are:

Barney's - $789.72
Bloomingdales - $5,102.71
Atelier - $4,902.45
Macy's - $4,396.94

Not only might this list be expanded, it also may be the Rosetta Stone linking the Grand Unified Theory of Stunning Wardrobes for Minnesota Republicans.


Anonymous said...

I think it is truely pathetic what the left has done in this ugly,hateful election. If Obama wins,he stole it by voter fraud and paying people off.He will never be accepted by the right nor will we consider him a president, more ENEMY OF THE STATE .

Mark W Adams said...

Then where's my check?

Barbara, frighteningly as this thought is for you, come January 20th, President Obama will be able to say with the same authority now usurped by George W. Bush, "L'√Čtat, c'est moi"

Deal with it. Deal with the fact that all those fake Americans in all the unpatriotic parts of the country are electing someone you think has a mission to destroy this country after the GOP has almost done the job already.

Seriously, if I were an enamy of this nation, I could think of no better way to destroy her than crashing the markets, eliminating trillions of dollars of our wealth in the process, put us in crippling debt to the point where it will take two or three generations to get our heads above water, and so piss away our good-will and moral leadership in the world that the rest of the world has no interest in helping us.

Barbara, truly dear. You're drinking the Kool Aide, and it's poisoned your mind. Registering Mickey Mouse doesn't mean an army of rodents are going to be allowed to vote. And frankly, we don't care what you on the right accept or don't accept. If you can't accept a democratically elected leader, you are undemocratic, unAmerican, unreasonable, and irrelevant.

This country is not the United States of Jesus-land, was not designed to be and never will be. If you can't accept that, that is your problem, not ours.

Anonymous said...

You will see should he steal this, he will never be my President, not ever,my tv goes off and that is that. The left hate America and everything she stands for.

Mark W Adams said...

I hope that means you'll be turning off that computer thingy of yours too.

Babs, I'm not going to try and reason with someone who just opened up a blogger account this week so they could play the troll. Shame on me for engaging with you the first time. It won't happen again.

But that shouldn't stop you from spewing more crap here or elsewhere if you like. Your type is amusing, proves many of my points about the stupidity and ignorance of your ilk I make on these virtual pages every day, and gives me a knowing smile on an otherwise boring day.

So don't be a stranger. You're funny, in a poo flinging, deranged sociopathic way.

Oh, and who does your hair on your profile pix? Great look for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Yes,I just came to blogger a week ago because in order to post to a link I followed it was better to just join,I do not post as ANONYMOUS anywhere. I blog on Multiply,yahoo 360, Townhall,Politico and Team Sarah.
I detest liberals. I detest anti Americans. Same thing.