Yeah Me! I Voted Today
By: Mark W Adams

As did my lovely bride of 17 years.

That's two more Obama votes in the bank.

I have to tell you, I truly recommend the idea of voting from home.  It gives you the leisure to fully research all those ballot issues and make an informed decision -- which means of course that every issue we voted for will be doomed to fail since most folks just flip a coin on these things, or so it seems. 

Also, I can't tell you how many times I've read the papers the day after an election and saw which judges won, and couldn't be certain how I voted.  Now I have record since I copied our ballots.  Since party affiliation is not something you see with judges on Ohio ballots, I'm sure I voted for for a Republican or two over the years, against my better judgment.  This time I know for certain I didn't vote for any conservative ideologues for the bench.

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themom said...

woohoo...I don't think there will be to many people at the polls on Nov. 4th - seems like more and more are voting absentee (like me). I sent in my Obama vote 2 weeks ago and now I just want to run my mouth and blog. Same for you - keep it up! Now, Palin is infering "communism" which is lighting anaohter fire within me.