By: Mark W Adams

Thers at Whiskey Fire:
The Corner is a porn site for the resentfully ill-educated.
Kinda like a Mecca for the bitter and stupid; those that don't know any better, don't want to know any better, refuse to "get over it," and are paradoxily happy being bitter and miserable.

I'd add several satellite sites to the Corner, you know them. Town Hall, LGF, Free Republic, and to a lesser degree Hot Air and it's affiliates Malkin and Capt'n Ed's personal blogs. Even lesser sites like Dean's World and Atlas Juggs -- they'll all survive and perhaps be more invigorated than ever after the humiliation to come November 4th.

Certainly there'll be some demoralized sulking, more than a few GBCW posts and even more among their commentariate, but they'll be back stupider than ever by inauguration day. Trust me.