By: Mark W Adams

You almost have to admire the complete rejection of liberal leaning reality when the McCain Campaign comes out with something like this. (HT: Steve Benen):
Instead of acknowledging the real differences that exist in this
election, Barack Obama is using America’s economic crisis to deflect
legitimate criticisms of himself and his record.
Ahh yes, the genius of Obama is clear now, resistance is futile, all your votes are belong to us . . .

How dare Obama pander to small businesses, offering a rescue plan for increased loans through the Small Busniness Administration's disaster loan program to help Main Street when John McCain was rushing out with his own call for suspending mandatory withdrawal from 401(k)'s by the folks in his bridge club. 

(Nice idea that retirees over 70 aren't forced to realize a loss on those withdrawals, as long as they can afford to eat or pay for medicine without tapping into their savings and can live off something else.  Doesn't do much good for people who count on those withdraws as part of their fixed income though.)

We have been "distracted" by the oncoming Depression instead of paying attention to Teh Awesum McCain/Palin smear, jeer and puppet dinner theater in the round.  And it's all Obama's fault.  Him and that pinko media of his aren't doing nearly enough to assassinate Obama's character.

Don't you see it now?  Isn't it all quite clear?  Obama and his co-conspirators throughout Wall Street right down through every fly-by-night lender and ne'er-do-well home owners in every hamlet in America conspired to engineer a world-wide economic catastrophe in order to hide Obama's connection to to the sinking of the Lusitania and make John McCain look bad.

Those democrats have no shame.

DOW under 8000
.  Damn You Jimmy Carter!!!