The ACORN Zombie Lies Will Not End
By: Mark W Adams

But their effect has been thwarted.

Chris Redfern, Ohio Democratic Chairman:
"The United States Supreme Court has wisely sided with Secretary Brunner in protecting hundreds of thousands of Ohio voters from being disenfranchised by the desperate tactics of the Ohio Republican Party.  This unanimous ruling by the United States Supreme Court allows Ohio to move about the business of ensuring a free, fair, open and honest election without the threat of widespread voter suppression by the GOP."
That should make life less of a living hell for our local Board of Election staffs.

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Anonymous said...

As an election officer in Virginia, I would LOVE to see an election where there were no hiccups, snafu's etc. However, as a hard-working citizen and military veteran, I abhore the thought that my vote would be cancelled out by a fraudulent vote cast by someone not eligible to vote. Nothing wrong with voting for Mickey Mouse, but when he votes for president...???

Glad I don't reside in Ohio.