The Obamenon
By: Mark W Adams

Are you buying these polls?  I mean, are you really buying these polls?

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If these numbers stay this big, and dual polls with Ohio in double digits for Obama is huge, it will redefine the meaning of the word mandate.  But to some on the right, those that wholly agreed with Dick Cheney who called a 1% popular vote win in aught-four coupled with an unnatural infatuation with the Cult of Bush a "mandate," they can only visualize an Obama win in terms "dating the man" instead of voting for him. 

Fox News' overnight show Red Eye is hosted by one such deep thinker, Greg Gutfeld, a man who never misses an opportunity to recite a Maureen Dowd column out loud:
Seriously, the man isn’t a presidential candidate, he’s a really hot chick. You know what I mean, right?

You know how when a friend starts dating some girl, let’s say a stripper with top of the line implants, he overlooks everything else. She could be spreading Chlamydia like a Jehovah’s Witness unloading a case of Watchtower pamphlets, and it won’t matter.

Blinded by beauty, he lets her get away with everything, until your buddy is left broken and broke, riddled with disease, sleeping in your garage and convinced a mob boyfriend wants him dead.

I’m not saying Barack is that harmful. I’m just saying that when it comes to the media, he possesses a force field that every hot chick has and no matter what you say or do to convince obsessed fans otherwise, it’s pointless.

Face it: If you found out that your new girlfriend, who happened to be Megan Fox, worked with ACORN, hung around with Bill Ayers and used to do coke back in college, would you care?

Of course you wouldn’t! It’s Megan Fox!

Congratulations. You’re now The New York Times.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.
(Hat Tip: Gawker)

Zeig Heil Greg.  And if you found out your "girlfriend" was a pampered coke-head who went AWOL during Vietnam, bankrupted every company he ran and had financial ties to the Bin Laden family, as long as he promised you more judges promising to abolish Roe v. Wade you and your ilk wouldn't care either.  The media swings on whatever tire is available.  But the Kool Aide drinkers and propagandists on the right are a lot less discerning as long as their pet issue is covered.