Witness For Bush Prosecution Dies In Libyan Prison
By: Mark W Adams

"Yeah I robbed the bank but look at all the bills I paid!"
~Wanda Sykes

It was an easy pun.  Bush/Cheney's "alibi" in the War on Terra, the source of the fabricated link between Iraq and al-Qaeda in the run up to the Iraq invasion, was a link obtained through torturing a man named punnily enough "al-Libi."  He died yesterday, reportedly by suicide (conveniently) in a Lybian prison, apparently where he'd been kept since his capture and interrogation by the CIA.

It was al-Libi's relevations of al Qaeda operatives in Iraq trained to make chemical/biological weapons (an outright lie) that appeared in a speech George W. Bush gave in Cincinnati in one of the strongest indictments of the Hussein regime on October 7, 2002. that again despite the objection of George Tenet and the CIA were included in the infamous "16 words" State of the Union Address and Colin Powell's UN speech. 

And we knew al-Kibi was lying.  We got lies because that's was torture was always designed to illicit, false confessions.  That's what The Inquisition wanted, that's was the North Koreans wanted, and that's what they wanted out of the Salem Witch Trials, a false, politically useful confession.

This key player in the web of high crimes and misdemeanors that resulted in an unjustified war, hundreds of thousnds of deaths, millions wonded and displaced, and a legacy of torture and illegal detention and rendition is now conveniently unable to testify about how we ended up here -- or how he ended up in Libya.

Mind you, I don't believe al-Libi is an essential witness in the prosecution of George W. Bush, but certainly he was a key figure whose story will now be forever a matter of speculation instead of evidence.

And lest there be any confusion, I am a supporter of indicting and prosecuting the Bush Crime Syndicate for the same reason you rip a band-aid off quickly instead of picking at it a little bit at a time.  There is no statute of limitations for War Crimes.  No "Truth Commission" will make this go away.  I want justice as well as truth.

Without truth AND justice, the "American Way" means nothing.