Enhanced Pelosi Interrogation
By: Mark W Adams

Which is it?  Come on all you lurking conservatives out there, which of these two mutually exclusive ideas you simultaneously hold in your head do you really believe?
  • Nancy Pelosi cravenly acquiesced to the worst kinds of illegal interrogation techniques ... ie. she was okay with torture -- so she's going down if Bush does, or
  • Anyone criticizing our brave men and women in the CIA (Durin' Wah Time!) is a partisan hack looking for cheap political points and really are just Jonesin' for Bush in an orange jump-suit (and hates America).
Got it?  She either hates (and hated) America by tying the CIA's hands, or is a criminal ... a minor unindicted co-conspirator in the Bush Crime Family's torture regime. 

Color me confused.  Nancy's going down for being complicit in things they insist are not criminal?  How do they live with the cognitive dissonance?  My attitude is that "I'm Shocked! Shocked I tell you" that the CIA might lie to Congress.  Good grief, they've been doing that my entire life.

It's bait!  And the right use it because it works, or so they think. At least it works on media douchebags.  They take an outrageous position simply because they believe it will outrage someone.  The person outraged thus becomes part of the angry left meme they've been pushing for a half century, and gives legitimacy to their ridiculous talking point simply by refuting it.  It's now worth talking about, debating, a topic for discussion by "serious" Villagers. Ugh.

I hate Overton's Window, and these pricks are masters at it.  It's wired into their DNA.

That's how partisan hacktacularness gains traction.  Never mind we are talking about torture, war crimes identified as one of the worst atrocities a government -- any government -- can commit.  They're sitting back and enjoying this, passing the popcorn because Pelosi has to explain to a glamor enamored press corps interested only in conflict, not right or wrong, why she's in a box framed with lies and traps.  Damned if she lets the CIA lie about her, damned if she calls them liars because she might damage the fragile morale of thugs who get off making captives scream.

It's sick.  Jesus folks.  One of the reasons we went after Saddam was because he was torturing his people.  He was a despicable despot because he treated human beings like a malicious child pulling the legs off an insect.  Get a damn clue.  They don't "hate us for our freedoms."  They hate us for the same reasons everyone hated Hussein.  We're doing the same crap, or at least we did.

You don't defend that.  You eliminate it.  You prosecute it.  You PROVE that you're better, that you deserve the reputation you think you should have.  You don't compromise with evil, and what we were doing to prisoners was evil -- period.  Do I have to paint you a picture?

It becomes a show, and that's what they're selling on the TV, infotainment, not a serious debate or search for the truth.  They love this scorched earth game, and that's all it is to them -- a game.  They don't care about right or wrong, they just wanna play poke-da-lib.  They don't care if their arguments are relevant: "What about Clinton's rendition?" Or logical: "Pelosi should be crucified for agreeing to Cheney's (not really) crimes."   Any stick will do. 

"Dance Monkey, Dance!"  That's what put's coin in the hat.