From Twitter 05-03-2009
By: Mark W Adams

  • 04:04:02: MarkWAdams: Blog: From Twitter 05-02-2009: 00:34:04: MarkWAdams: @cindyscott54: Since we've been delivered from compass.. http://tinyurl.com/dkcygp
  • 06:47:42: MarkWAdams: Preparing to get pissed off by reading the insufferable David Broder write about Detroit. I'm a glutton for punishment.
  • 06:56:53: MarkWAdams: Surprisingly Broder did not piss me off. Just saddened. Not at Detroit's plight, but that a major paper pays for 3rd grade book reports. Ugh
  • 07:15:24: MarkWAdams: MoDo brings the Snide. She must be auditioning to be a lefty blogger, half a decade too late. http://is.gd/wkV4
  • 07:21:42: MarkWAdams: Currently Browsing: http://is.gd/wl1V
  • 07:26:08: MarkWAdams: Heh, Rich:"[GOP's] position on the American spectrum of ideas is somewhere between a doomsday cult and Scientology." http://is.gd/wl1V
  • 07:53:03: MarkWAdams: Go Read- "He Used ... Sarcasm": by hilzoyErick Erickson informs us that "The Obama Thugoc.. http://tinyurl.com/chkgbb
  • 11:54:06: MarkWAdams: RT @rkref: Gillespie: Argues GOP needs wider tent to recapture the majority again. || Wider Stance just not good enough?
  • 12:25:17: MarkWAdams: GOP Agenda=Underpants Gnomes// 1: Embrace blogs, twitr, soc-network sites 2: (awkward silence) 3: Electoral victory! http://is.gd/wnIX
  • 14:13:23: MarkWAdams: Sadly, I get both the Cap't Archer & Godwin reference @punningpundit: @mattyglesias Citing Enterprise is like a nerd version of Godwin's law
  • 14:17:24: MarkWAdams: Blog: Berlusconi Loses A Fan: I thought this headline was an interesting window into the egotistical nature.. http://tinyurl.com/dm4uvj
  • 14:37:54: MarkWAdams: RT @JC_Christian: Berlusconi considering naming Miss CA to EU post. Waiting to see more headshots first.
  • 14:39:57: MarkWAdams: RT @JoeNBC: "The Left needs 2 challenge their haters just as I challenge haters on the rt."// Point me 2 left's Hannity/Rush & I will. #FAIL
  • 14:44:19: MarkWAdams: POP! Pop pop pop... Heads explode throughout Greater Wingnuttistan. http://ow.ly/4Wyp [Lesbian contender for SCOTUS]
  • 15:51:30: MarkWAdams: I KNEW IT!! RT @JonHenke: Large Hadron Collider providing the answer to life, the universe and everything. http://tinyurl.com/dxqzs2
  • 19:15:51: MarkWAdams: @jherky Sorry, but Olbermann, Maddow, Shultz, not even close to the racist/race-baiting Hannity/Rush. But thanks for playing. @JoeNBC
  • 20:36:01: MarkWAdams: @jherky You have a lot to learn Grasshopper. Rt and Lft play by different rules. I suppose we'd have to agree on basic terms, like "hate"
  • 21:05:06: MarkWAdams: @jherky Hey, I got 1 for ya. Bill Mahr=Ann Coulter? Course he's really a Libertarian and she's from another planet, so that won't do.
  • 21:06:23: MarkWAdams: @jherky Note that Mahr lost his TV show by going over the line re:9/11 by the "Liberal Media" so that won't work either.
  • 21:09:36: MarkWAdams: @p2info You we saying something? I didn't notice........
  • 21:52:20: MarkWAdams: @jherky said:"Media gives Lft a pass much more often." That's cuz MSM's lazy, and Rt extreme easier 2 spot. Left (always) more nuanced.
  • 22:06:23: MarkWAdams: Nice synopsis of RtWing agenda of Roberts SCOTUS so far from @buzzflash http://blog.buzzflash.com/node/8363
  • 22:20:49: MarkWAdams: WHO IS THIS GUY, "GOD?" RT @allahpundit: @Moxtopia No, you can't blame God for anything bad. But please do credit him with everything good.
  • 22:49:06: MarkWAdams: @FakeVirginia Hang in there. Just look at Ohio's GOP before we got rid of Blackwell.

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