Kwick Twits
By: Mark W Adams

Serious Villagers getting paid serious money 4 serious political discourse ...Seriously.

Does Newt realize he agrees w/Pelosi, calling for an inquiry, as he blasts her for being (heh) a partisan hack?

Shocked again, even more shocked that the CIA would ever lie to Congress -- and not get caught.

Not-stradamus: Palin-Prejean link-up = "The slayer of beasts shall meet the barer of breasts."

Reminder: "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" was originally a term coined by the Gestapo.

Blood. That's the difference in the new torture pictures we aren't allowed to (but can) see.

Another difference between Obama & Bush: When Barack tries to be funny, he is.

Somerby on Turley re-Obama torture pix: "If pundits don't like some decision or other, the motive must be hidden--bad."

Cracking the Crystal Ball with 11th dimensional chess:
These are my predictions of the likely outcomes of Solicitor General Elena Kagan's Motion requesting a stay of the appellate court's order releasing more torture pictures pending appeal to SCOTUS:

1.) Stay denied, the pix get released per trial/appellate court order, not presidential fiat. WIN.

2.) Cert. denied, the pix again are released, this time because the Roberts SCOTUS was too cowardly to weigh in (and because there's no new law to be made here -- my best guess as to the future). WIN.

3.) Cert. Granted! The Conservative Roberts' SCOTUS picks up the ball and either:

....a.) Sides against Obama, making the right lose their minds when the world sees more of their evil ways, BIG WIN. or,

....b.) The Conservative darlings get Kennedy on their side to rule with Obama (and Bush) -- and it's THEIR fault we don't see the already leaked pix -- causing:
  • Scalia's brain to explode,
  • Glenn Beck to have an annurism,
  • Limbaugh to fart himself to death,
  • O'Reilly to gag during an auto-erotica session with Lou Dobbs' Salvadorian cleaning lady,
  • and Hannity to go through with his threat to have himself waterboarded which scares him to the point he apologizes to Alan Colmbs and turns his show over to him leaving FOX with no one to carry on but Gretta, Ms CA, and Sarah Palin - who soon get's arrested for attempted manslaughter when she discovers Todd in bed with Gretta & Ms. CA.
New programing in Wingerstan and an open conservative seat relinquished to the DFH's in Obama's White House. WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN.