From Twitter 05-01-2009
By: Mark W Adams

  • 03:08:47: MarkWAdams: From Twitter 04-30-2009: 00:35:29: MarkWAdams: Franklin D. Roosevelt: "A conservative is a man with two perfectl.. http://tinyurl.com/demmbl
  • 09:28:26: MarkWAdams: Stay classy RedState: "David Souter=goat fucking child molester" http://is.gd/vQnz //So tell us what you think of Specter (HT @TeresaKopec)
  • 09:36:01: MarkWAdams: Concern noted..."If Obama is not careful with his nominee, it could hurt Specter's election in PA." Eric at RedState http://is.gd/vQxz
  • 09:43:08: MarkWAdams: @jaketapper Jake! Link? Which two?
  • 09:44:56: MarkWAdams: @TeresaKopec Pay their motherfucking taxes! CLASSIC!
  • 12:03:19: MarkWAdams: HAPPY MAY DAY all you communists sympathizers (aka: My People)
  • 12:41:14: MarkWAdams: @rkref @hannityhater @divalicias @cindyscott54 Ya'll know I'm just a blogger, right? But you guys are sure #followfriday -able #jtwits #FF
  • 12:50:13: MarkWAdams: @cindyscott54 DUH! [smack self upside the head] #followfriday #jtwits #FF
  • 12:58:58: MarkWAdams: You Too @TeresaKopec @Cody_K @GottaLaff @Dufus @Shoq @rkref @abba_ks @dukestjournal @mediagadfly #followfriday #jtwits #FF #p2 #rebelleft
  • 13:55:56: MarkWAdams: A-H1N1? Hey-Hone/None? A Hun? Nun? Hunny/Nunny? Aye Honey/Nunny? Fuckit #swineflu it remains. There's nuttin funny honey ... about A-H1N1
  • 14:02:28: MarkWAdams: At least Joe Biden doesn't have to worry about shoes being thrown at him ... just his own foot in his mouth.
  • 14:17:29: MarkWAdams: Lost Their Way, Losing Their Minds: Pam doesn't mince any words when it comes to describing the GOP's self-evalu.. http://tinyurl.com/cszau5
  • 14:28:07: MarkWAdams: GET REAL [yawn] *RT @whitehousewatch: Biden's gaffe matters -- because the White House never explained it. http://tinyurl.com/czjubd
  • 14:31:19: MarkWAdams: Hey @whitehousewatch: Biden was right! RT @rkref: BREAKING: Biden 2 greet diverted Flight @ Logan Airport w/sign: "I TOLD U, MATT LAUER!"
  • 14:51:36: MarkWAdams: Googlized- Krauthammer vs Reagan: From Charles Krauthammer's pro-torture column today:Some people... http://tinyurl.com/cgu9co
  • 15:00:27: MarkWAdams: Teaparty Candidate? [So very, very very NSFW] Stormy goes down Rabbit Hole http://is.gd/vVTk wins endorsement 4 Senate Run http://is.gd/vW14
  • 21:55:33: MarkWAdams: .Newly Obamafied Avatar. Same crappy tweets.
  • 23:07:39: MarkWAdams: CLASSIC! RT @Drudge_Report: After his flu warning, Biden takes the train home... http://apnews.myway.com/article/20090502/D97TPTLG0.html

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