From Twitter 05-05-2009
By: Mark W Adams

  • 02:04:28: MarkWAdams: Blog: From Twitter 05-04-2009: 04:08:15: MarkWAdams: Blog: From Twitter 05-03-2009: 04:04:02: MarkWAdams: B.. http://tinyurl.com/d35zx8
  • 15:23:51: MarkWAdams: @UKProgressive Is 2 hours longer or shorter than the rest of the planet in "UK Time"?
  • 22:25:29: MarkWAdams: @TeresaKopec Much as it's instinctive to lash out, don't blame the victim. Full disclosure, I was an organizer, ran the Ohio4Edwards blog
  • 22:26:57: MarkWAdams: @TeresaKopec Saddened by the whole thing. But you don't know how U'd react, kids/public/press pressures plus cancer...?
  • 23:29:44: MarkWAdams: RT @owillis: Espn says favre talking to Vikings. Jesus.|| ZOMG, Please nominate him to SCOTUS before he make a fool O'hisself.
  • 23:37:50: MarkWAdams: LeBRON!!! http://tinyurl.com/co7qpy
  • 23:42:57: MarkWAdams: @rkref But if this creep from Utah gets his way, it, um...becomes a FEDERAL CASE. That's a good thing, right?
  • 23:56:56: MarkWAdams: @rkref Which gets challenged & (hopefully) struck down in Fed, not State court...thus become law of the land.

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