From Twitter 05-06-2009
By: Mark W Adams

  • 03:13:48: MarkWAdams: Blog: From Twitter 05-05-2009: 02:04:28: MarkWAdams: Blog: From Twitter 05-04-2009: 04:08:15: MarkWAdams: B.. http://tinyurl.com/cfb4lw
  • 10:17:34: MarkWAdams: @twittinesis I can't seem to unsubscibe my blog. Like it but wanna archive tweets on different site.
  • 15:08:43: MarkWAdams: Go Read- Limbaugh Blasts Colin Powell, Suggests He Should Leave GOP: Updated below with audio.
    Dems have.. http://tinyurl.com/c6c57l
  • 18:03:25: MarkWAdams: Go Read- I'M GOING GALT.: I've had enough. Dr. Helen is right. The Chrysler debacle was the straw that b.. http://tinyurl.com/dm2ehr
  • 18:55:14: MarkWAdams: It's not that the President is black (heaven forfend). It's that he's a Yankee. That's why they hate him ... ya think?. http://is.gd/xkhn
  • 21:46:57: MarkWAdams: Who's Headlining? RT @TheFix: It's official..there will be tweeting from the Correspondents Dinner this weekend...oh there will be tweeting!
  • 21:53:43: MarkWAdams: Why is it every time I listen to or read Naomi Klein I wanna hide under my bed.

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