Shorter Yglesias
By: Mark W Adams

::...Don't really care what complicated schemes you come up with to pass health care, as long as you Git Er Done....::

[All due appreciation to the guys who are always credited by the guys at Sadly No! for the whole "Shorter" concept, being aware of all internet traditions and such ... and that Cable Guy too.]

If you have to dumb things "up" for the peanut brains on the right that still insist tax-cuts are always the answer, just so it looks too weird for the easily bamboozled to understand, so be it.  They know single payer is the only thing that really works, even though it's too French for their taste. 

Dress it down, mix it up, pull it and squeeze it from five different sides.  Just do some fucking thing and we can all tell you why it won't work and why single-payer is the only thing that will.  One way or another you got to get rid of the profit motive or by definition, someone is going to get ripped off, which will create some other bunch of fuckers who will become too big too fail through this windfall.