By: Mark W Adams

Liz Cheney, like her father, is morally reprehensible.  It's just that simple.  She was on Morning Joe this morning, as documented by Bob Cesca, making the "ticking time-bomb" argument for torture.  It's all BS, and you know it.

If you somehow knew doing something otherwise illegal and immoral would save lives, would you do it?  Are you required to do it?

Would you torture a terrorist to get information?  Under what circumstances?  Does that make it "right?"

Would you draw the line at hurting his kids?  Would you rape a child to get a terrorist to talk?  Is killing children okay?

Keep in mind, you don't know if it will work.  You don't know if you could have gotten the information another way.  You don't know if the terrorist will lie.

You DO know that torture is a clear violation of the laws of men and any god you ascribe to.  You DO know what you are proposing is despicable.  Nothing that prisoner says or does will make it legal, will make it anything less than wrong.

The Cheney clan are despicable creatures.  They need to be culled from the herd, isolated, shunned.

Cesca notes this outrage:

Adding 2... Liz Cheney: "We didn't know anything about al-Qaeda" on 9/12. Seriously.

Beyond simple ass-covering, is it possible there's a bit of over compensation at work? 

I mean, if you were assigned the leadership of an anti-terrorist task force by the President of the United States and never, ever convened a meeting (gathering up your oil executive cronies to drool over a map of Iraq took priority), wouldn't the guilt come out in weird ways -- especially if you were an arrogant ass who refuses to take responsibility for anything?

In fact you didn't take the warnings of your predecessors seriously, ignored the advice of experts and clear warnings that a large scale attack on the United States was imminent and did nothing even though it was your damn job to prevent something like 9/11 -- and then 3,000 people were killed in spectacular fashion -- well, maybe you'd go nutz too.  Personally, I would have simply tried to disappear.

What I don't get is how the infotainment industry continues to obsess over a guy whose popularity, even when combined with the equally despicable Rush Limbaugh, is still less than Colin Powell, the man who lied to the United Nation (ie, the entire world) about the threat from Iraq.  In fact Powell is more than four times more popular than Cheney.

It's about honor, integrity.  Many of you may make the argument that Colin Powell left his honor on the floor of the Security Council.  But he is still more deserving of respect than Dick Cheney or any of his kin are capable of understanding.

Jesus, I keep having flashbacks to Dick's wife Lynne yelling to the crowd that John Kerry was a "bad man."  WFT.  These Cheney people have zero capacity to judge anyone, ever.  I don't care if it's about what is or is not torture or what jokes "cross the line."  They have no perspective whatsoever, and no standing to tell anyone what is right or wrong.