From Twitter 05-04-2009
By: Mark W Adams

  • 04:08:15: MarkWAdams: Blog: From Twitter 05-03-2009: 04:04:02: MarkWAdams: Blog: From Twitter 05-02-2009: 00:34:04: MarkWAdams: @.. http://tinyurl.com/ckxm6j
  • 06:52:59: MarkWAdams: Go Read- Massive takedown of for-profit "health" "care": The health insurance parasi.. http://tinyurl.com/c92gnp
  • 07:23:06: MarkWAdams: Go Read- Hell hath no fury....: ...like a supporter who was completely bamboozled.Oh, Lynn tried to tell.. http://tinyurl.com/d3hv87
  • 07:43:58: MarkWAdams: GOP is like a shit sandwich. Sometime you take a big bite, sometimes small. Sometime you miss the bread entirely. http://is.gd/wzIe
  • 08:01:59: MarkWAdams: @abba_ks @rkref BWHAHAHA that made my morning! Hillary, McCain, Superdelegates. BWAHAHAHA
  • 08:16:43: MarkWAdams: Blog: Deep Thought: What part of the phrase "well regulated" don't the Second Amendment purists not underst.. http://tinyurl.com/dlngbr
  • 11:13:10: MarkWAdams: @TeresaKopec RE: Sotomayor... Article didn't look like a case AGAINST anyone. Good experience/background breezed thru Sen last time. But...
  • 11:16:12: MarkWAdams: @TeresaKopec Don't know if we need another catholic on SCOTUS, but as long as she's pro choice ...?
  • 11:20:19: MarkWAdams: @TeresaKopec I wanna see how she feels re:4th Amend. Former prosecutors Rn't often pro civil rts. Want head 'spodin' pick http://ow.ly/4Wyp
  • 11:34:18: MarkWAdams: @TeresaKopec Re Sotomayor being Cath.. that's my take too. Inconceivable that POTUS puts Roe killer on SCOTUS. Maybe she'll B anti-death pen
  • 11:35:56: MarkWAdams: TeresaKopec Obama will never nominate Sullivan. I'm just goosebumpy thinking about the wingnuts F'ing losing it if he did.
  • 11:40:48: MarkWAdams: @punningpundit The 4th is strong with you, but you're not a Jedi yet.
  • 11:49:06: MarkWAdams: @punningpundit My wife actually smacked me this morning when I wished her a happy star wars day & had to explain "May the 4th Bw/U"
  • 11:53:04: MarkWAdams: @TeresaKopec You know what I DON'T like re:Sotomayor? She's 54. I want a lib (or 5) to be there another 40 years. She gives us 20-30 max.
  • 12:02:20: MarkWAdams: @TeresaKopec @nc_carol Hey, I'm 48, I get that. My 1st pick is my age ... FLOTUS! Her or Anita Hill just to mess with Thomas
  • 12:22:47: MarkWAdams: @jdickerson Iraq was ALWAYS the "new" Vietnam, At least the stupid way we fought it.
  • 12:26:11: MarkWAdams: @Cody_K: I don't think "Obligation" means what Erin Burnett thinks it means. http://is.gd/wDjI || WTF? Indeed.
  • 12:29:07: MarkWAdams: Erin Burnett: "Ask not what you can do for your country, ask if a free toaster comes with that Swiss Bank Account" http://is.gd/wDjI
  • 23:35:31: MarkWAdams: RT @Shoq: Won't you help brave little @FuckFoxNews reach his dream to make this the top retweet?: "Fuck Fox News." #fuckfoxnews #p2

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