Gotta Dance
By: Mark W Adams

Mustang Bobby over at Shakes alerted me to this local story of a 17 year old senior at a Findlay, Ohio Christian school that is going to be suspended for the remainder of the school year for going to a prom at another high school.

Good news is that if he doesn't change his mind they will let him graduate provided he passes his final exams.  He won't get to attend graduation, but will get a diploma in the mail.

DANCE ... Dude!  DANCE.

This is a real life Footloose in the 21st Century.  If I recall, things worked out okay for Kevin Bacon.  The kid signed a contract agreeing with his school's rules that forbid dancing, rock music and hand-holding.  Shockingly I see no mention of premarital sex or putting firecrackers in a chiuaua's ass, but it might be in the small print.

I could go on a serious rant about backward christo-fascists and the over representation of up-tight white people in northwestern Ohio.  Let's just leave it to your imagination as you picture what it's like to live in Wassilla on Lake Erie.  A church on every corner and meth lab in every basement.