TIME Shocks With Hillary Epitaph
By: Mark W Adams

Karen Tumulty at TIME documents five mistakes Clinton made, and the blogs are abuzz with the incomprehensible lack of a basic understanding of the system by the campaign's favorite scape-goat, Mark Penn.

Naturally, anyone who is paid millions of dollars as a chief campaign adviser should know a thing or two about how this whole nomination thingy works. For instance, you'd think it would just be expected Mark Penn knew about proportional delegate allocation and that unlike the Republicans, Democrats don't have winner-take-all contests.

You'd think, but you'd be wrong. And Hillary was wrong to ever rely on him, let alone put his ugly puss in front of a TV camera.

Atrios has a hard time believing it. Armando, speaking only for himself, is cheered by the "utter demise" of Mark Penn's political career.

"Astonishing," Obsidian Wings

"Amazing," Tapped

"What a Pennhead," Talking Points Memo

"Anything is possible," TPM Election Central

Ironically, despite the smaryness of the traditional practice of the magnanimous winner paying off the debts of a gracious loser in these things, Mark Penn will probably be paid by the candidate for whom his indispensable advice was most helpful -- Barack Obama.