I Have No Problem Disenfranchising Racists
By: Mark W Adams

"If something is distasteful to a racist, my guess is usually that it’s a good thing!"
~ Oliver Willis
Oliver checks out Newsweek's poll on Racial Resentment Index that pretty much confirms what we all knew, and the media almost -- but not quite -- has been been trying to say for months.

Racists won't vote for the black guy.

All those "bitter" folks, the so-called "white, working class" voters that Hillary attracts and won't pick Obama are mostly older southerners with little or no college and a chip on their shoulder. Duh!

I truly believe that it's high time this nation stopped catering to this element and moved on. Forget about lobbyists and special interests. Any candidate for public office that owes his or her future to people clinging to ignorance and hate has no business being put in charge of anything.