Dividing The (Other) Party
By: Mark W Adams

Because really, there's nothing much more to write about in Versailes on the Potomac I guess. We've see story after story interpreting the gulf between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in this demographic or that regional group. Is Hillary's persistence hurting the Democratic Party? Has Obama's rhetoric alienated parts of the consituency he needs for the Fall? Has Hillary been too divisive? Are the traditional "big" states Obama needs hopelessly out of his reach?

Folks, this is nothing, I mean nothing compared to the divide on the right. This division is not between candidates or factions, but between the GOP nominee and the people who, you know, vote for the GOP candidates, uh ... religiously.

There of course is the continual insurgency by the Ron Paul Blimpies, the third party campaign of former Clinton witch-hunter Bob Barr, and the polls that show the vast majority of Americans, including a majority of self-identified Republicans have had it, just f*cking had it with the way things are going. I was of course going to link all these separate developments but John Cole's "Double Heh" with a twisting "Indeed" dismount beat me to it.

A five gallon drum of popcorn won't be enough to satisfy the schadenfreudeliciousness of documenting the GOP's dismal prospects for the White House or Congress -- where the Democratic House majority should expand dramatically and we even have a shot at the elusive filibuster-proof 60 seat Senate(or 59 plus LIEberman).

But the funniest thing I saw out there in Wingnuttistan today after noting Michelle Malkin and the gang pissing themselves over the prospect of Huckabee as McCain's VP (a.k.a. Sgt. Carter/Gomer Pyle 2008), was that the GOP's bid to re-brand themselves has run smack up against Karma -- their new slogan "Change You Deserve" is the registered slogan for the anti-depressant Effexor, a drug used to combat the very strategems utilized by the Republican Party ever since Khrushchev was the boogieman in charge of the Red Menace that Goldwater and the Nixonites used to scare their bed-wetting followers.

See, the Republicans try to create and exploit while Effexor is the cure for "depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder." However, the side effects of both, "nausea, apathy, constipation, fatigue, vertigo, sexual dysfunction, sweating, memory loss," may be enough to decide the cure dubbed the "Change You Deserve" is worse than the Republican inspired disease.

Even more delicious is the slogan was deemed inappropriate for it's "unsubstantiated superiority claims" by the FDA. Heh, indeedy doody!