Hillary Gracious, But Not Done ... Quite
By: Mark W Adams

There's something pathological about someone who will sit through yet another set of post election speeches this season. Just call me loony.

Tonight Hillary Clinton's tone was a tad more humble, a bit more like someone facing the inevitable than a candidate claiming a "game changing" victory. While vowing to go on, knowing she got crushed in North Carolina (one of the "Big Swing States" for those paying attention) and as of the time of this writing her margin of "victory" in a State her buddy Evan Bayh was supposed to deliver in a big way is only 39,000 with over 200,000 votes left to be counted in Obama strongholds, I was left with the idea that this was a bow before the encore which will bring down the final curtain.

[Update 12:45 est, the margin is down to 16,000 votes, Clinton 51%, Obama 49% -- a tie]

She said they would fight for Florida and Michigan's delegations to be seated and fight on in the few States that are left. However, there was an fondness in the way she spoke of Bayh tonight that reminded me of the wistful way you say goodbye to a good friend after a long visit. Her genuine affection for her husband and especially her pride in their daughter, all spoke unconsciously that this long journey was nearing an end.

Most intriguing was her pledge to fight "for the Democratic nominee," an emphatic conciliatory gesture to camp Obama.

Unlike so many GOP tools, when Hillary tips at windmills like gimmicky tax holidays that will never pass and are terrible ideas, or even true Quixotic quests to fight on in a campaign that can't be won -- she really knows better. She's really too smart for some of the political posturing she's been up to lately, way better than that. When John "Ace" McSame says the economy or Iraq are just doing fine, and that all our problems will be solved if the Federal Government gives everyone a free tank of gas, what frightens me is that I really think he, like the current C+ Augustus in the White House, actually buys this crap.

If Hillary really believes some of the junk and pandering we've seen over the last couple of months she just ought to get it over with and run as an independent with Joe Lieberman and quit the Democratic Party. She's also smart enough to know that dumb and underinformed people vote too.

Here's the lowdown at this point:
  1. Tonight Obama erased the effects of his defeat in Pennsylvania -- at least mathematically in the popular vote and delegate count.

  2. Who's going to give her any more cash at this point? Ridiculous. Hillary's broke, millions in debt, and the chattering class at MSNBC are speculating that part of the wind-down to this will include Obama's campaign assuming some of her bills -- including Mark Penn and the Clintons themselves -- as well as seating Florida and Michigan "her way" now that they really don't matter.

  3. There are now more Super Delegates up for grabs than pledged delegates to be elected in all the contests that are left, WV, KY, Puerto Rico (bigger than most think) etc. which look to be pick-ups for Hillary (he wins Oregon solidly) that still will not put her over Obama's lead -- the "real" campaign now moves behind closed doors.

  4. She really lost Indiana tonight, a State that I picked long ago on Tsunami Tuesday to be delivered in a big way by Senator Bayh as her clincher and his ticket to the Vice Presidency. That's why I stick to post even analysis instead of prognostication. Winning the Bigot Vote in a Democratic primary -- when those folks will never, ever, vote for the Democrat in the fall -- is no victory whatsoever.

  5. Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos is in full force with hard-core Republicans voting in the Democratic primary.

  6. While saying Indiana is still too close to call even after midnight, MSNBC'S big guns, Russert, Matthews, Todd all joined Olbermann calling the election itself, nationwide, for Obama. Once the chattering class who infect Versailles on the Potomac have made up their minds and line up to fight Johnny McSame, it's really all over. You know it, and so do the Super Delegates.

With all due respect to contrarian voices (Luv ya Rachel Maddow!), Hillary is really a nice, more gracious person than the candidate she plays in front of the cameras. At least I hope so or much like that sad filly on Sunday, she's going to cripple herself by running too hard to finish second in this race.