Sweet Jesus I Hate Bob Novak
By: Mark W Adams

If you ever had a doubt that Kool-aide Drinking Hillary Supporter Armando (Big Tent Democrat) has completely sold his soul to the dark side, his jumping all over a bit of the usual unsourced gossip by Novakula should relieve you of such wishful thinking.
"Close-in supporters of Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign are convinced he never will offer the vice presidential nomination to Sen. Hillary Clinton for one overriding reason: Michelle Obama."

Please explain to me what retard inside Camp Obama is giving Bob Novak the time of day.

One thing we know, it ain't Michelle.
"My wife does not talk to Bob Novak on a regular basis," Obama told the reporters gathered around him, who included The Times' Robin Abcarian.

Does the very idea of how ludicrous is would be for any prominent Democrat to confide in a Wingnut propagandist like the CIA agent-outing Novak even begin to penetrate the walking, typing talking-point Open Left has become?

Uhh, nope:

... petty nonsense ... Obama will lose in November ... [blah, blah ... blah] ... juvenile ... heartily disgusted ...

And of course, [speaking only for him and the horse he rode in on], in the typical method most of right wing Blogistan has adopted, he once again closes his post with the epithet, "Comments closed."

Aren't ya glad this guy's on our side fellow liberals.