Is This RBC Thing For Real?
By: Mark W Adams

Are we really talking about a net difference in Michigan Delegates for Hillary of about 20 or so warm bodies?

I'm seeing Hillary supporters agreeing to a 73-55 split of the delegation vs a 50%-50% solution. By my abacus this still won't give Hillary enough as long as uncommitted delegates are slated by camp Obama -- which seems to be the way they are doing things.

Give. Me. A. Break.

We end this damn argument the same way I ague with my wife. We give her what she wants so she'll shut up. And Hillary really needs to shut up.

I miss the smoke filled room. Make mine a Romeo y Julieta.


Avedon said...

Isn't that about the same if 100% of the delegates are seated? It's still not enough to put her ahead of Obama, and with more and more superdelegates signalling that they will vote for whoever has the most delegates, she has no prayer at all. Even she must know that.

So let her have her point of principle - seat all the delegates. This works best if Obama calls for it and looks all magnanimous. Probably he should say something really friendkly-sounding about how Hillary is right about this. They she can bow out as a winner and we can all get on with the real campaign.

Mark W Adams said...

If political junkies can't make sense of this, what chance does the rest of the world. The media seems completely clueless.