It's Not That They Killed The Filly
By: Mark W Adams

It's that she lost to Big Brown!

I know that Digby told us not to go there and that it's been covered to death, but I was actually toying with the idea of what kind of lame metaphor I'd write about if Hillary's horse won before the race, linking Hillary with Danica Patrick finally getting the checkered flag last week.

But "Big Brown?" I didn't watch the thing today, so I had to go and recheck just to make sure someone wasn't pulling my leg. Did everyone who bet their stimulus check on the brown horse just take money from those betting the female would do more than a close second?

Is the Flying Spaghetti Monster trying to tell us something?

Oh, and for the overly sensitive out there, sorry I mentioned the words death and leg in a post about that poor horse. Please don't nag me about my awful puns.