Mississippi: A Blue State?
By: Mark W Adams

3 out of 4 House seats are now in the Democratic Party's hands!

With 89% of the precincts reporting Democrat Travis Childers won Mississippi's 1st District 52% to 48% in this traditional GOP stronghold. This is the third Republican district to embrace the Democrats in as many months, Robo-calls by the President and Laura Bush or John McCain couldn't save it, a surprise appearance by Dick Cheney couldn't save it.

Not even race baiting comparisons to Barack Obama worked there, unlike what seems to have happened in West By God -- which evidently still prides itself on it's bigotry despite owing its very existence to a rejection of the break-away slave-owning Confederacy.

If I were an aid to a Republican politician, one thing I'd set aside time to do this summer is updating my resume. It's going to be bleak for these folks.