Ode To Hillary
By: Mark W Adams

Grateful Dead | I Need A Miracle (Barlow, Weir)

I need a woman bout twice my age
A lady of nobility, gentility and rage
Splendor in the dark, lightning on the draw
Well go right through the book and break each and every law.

I got a feeling and it wont go away, oh no
Just one thing then Ill be ok
I need a miracle every day.
Is she making you nutz? After years of unpacking the garbage spewed by the Bush Administration, decrypting Hillareese is eerily familiar.

If you caught the Bush-like play for the low-information voters Sunday at the Town Hall she did with her other buddy named George, it should have made your Bush Derangement Syndrome kick into overdrive.

And that is what is most disturbing about how hard Hillary Clinton has latched onto this gas tax holiday that was originally an idea by Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain. It is embodied most perfectly in her quote delivered Sunday, “I’m not going to put my lot in with economists.”

Of course she wouldn’t; just about every economist I’ve known to weigh in on this issue has called it in various different ways a dumb idea. That would be, of course, because it truly is a dumb idea, one that would provide little relief, if any, result in a loss of revenue, and have little or no bearing on actually reducing the cost of gasoline at the pump.

The buzz about her pre-convention "nuclear option" to force a battle in the party's Credentials Committee (which neither candidate controls) by getting the Rules Committee (which is 50% Clinton backers) to seat Florida and Michigan her way (all but guaranteeing a floor fight come August), would bother me a lot if it weren't for the glaring coincidence that this fits in perfectly with the running narrative Hannity and Limbaugh, et al. have spread for years that she is a "say anything, do anything," cold, calculating pol.

The fact that her record on the war, votes for and against flag burning (my personal pet peeve), being on both sides of NAFTA, promising to "obliterate" Iran, and pandering about the gas tax "holiday" with her buddy John McSame against the advice of "elite" economists everywhere confirms her nature better than anything she might do if Obama can't manage to kick her ass in the remaining States that she insists "count" as long as she wins them.

Wingnuttistan is working overtime to present Obama as damaged goods, but it's really just the same old stuff over and over. And over. (Did you know Obama's pastor is a Marxist?) Same slurs they've clinging to for, gosh, about 90 years or so. Be afraid, very afraid of the scary commies! They'll eat your children!

It's sad and almost comical if the stakes weren't so ghastly hight. "Hussein" Obama is an islamo-fascist-crypto-terrorist-commie-Chicago-gansta-big-scary-black-man. RUN!!! Just remember these same folks would do their best to convince everyone that Hillary is a commie-she-devil-murdering-unindicted-co-conspirator-big-scary-black-man. (They're easily confused, fortunately.)

Their game is as old as the Roman Legions: Divide and Conquer. That's what 50%+1 means, and that (or less) is all it takes to get another Republican in the White House. So don't fall for it. Don't get pissed if she does pull off a miracle (she won't, so don't worry).

She's just being Hillary, a woman that's been fighting these bastards since Nixon, tooth and nail. While she keeps the heat off herself by doing the RNC's dirty work for them against Obama, she's also blunting the sharpness of their attacks against him in the fall. She knows she can beat the GOP at their own game. I'm sure she and Bill have figured out that if they don't get a chance to get even with those creeps, they'd better toughen Barack up for the what is bound to be the most vile Republican attacks ever -- or at least since the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that too.