Horse Sense In A One-Horse Town
By: Mark W Adams

As we mark the beginning of Year Six of Mission Accomplishing, fondly remembering Banners and a tabloid mentality that still infects the Washington Village punditry and plutocracy that joyously waved the bloody red shirt of war, some movement in the halls of Congress reminds us of another uniquely banal episode in the run-up to McBush's Hundred Years of war in Iraq.

Remember that Hero of the Homeland, Paul Wolfowitz told us that this "cakewalk" of a war would pay for itself in Iraqi oil instead of American and civilian blood? Ahh, good times!

Turns out that the Senate is moving (at long last) to get the Iraqis themselves to pony up some dough to fix and police their own country -- and Nancy Pelosi thinks her little gang of malcontents on the other side of the Capital Building might be inclined to the same.

Surely Bush, Boehner, Brownback and company will figure out some transparently vile way to stop something that makes sense and would be exceedingly popular everywhere, here and abroad, and try to make out like it's the Democrats' fault. But it's nice to see somebody working on something besides polishing up their flag-pins in that stupid little town.

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GARoach said...

Five years later...http://john4congress.blogspot.com/2008/05/oh-16-john-boccieri-mobilizes-campaign.html

Don't take it from me, take from a guy that's been on the ground in Iraq for times.