Easy Prediction, Democrats By A Mile
By: Mark W Adams

They're done, and there's nothing they really can do about it but whine and strategerize for 2012 and 2016.

Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll (pdf)
on generic presidential preference [HT: Todd@MyDD]

4/25-283/7-10Nov. 07
Democrat (strongly)454441
Democrat (not strongly)668
Republican (strongly)252931
Republican (not strongly)888

I'll make it easy for you. President Record Breaker, with 69% of his fellow Americans just fucking hating his stupid guts has in 6 months turned a 10 point deficit in the generic ballot to a 20 point rout. Bush owns 3 of the lowest 5 highest disapproval rates since they started taking these polls, tying then eclipsing Nixon by early April, where he tied Truman. Then zipping by Give-em-Hell Harry by the end of last month, winning the prize for most loathed dunce-king to ever pardon a turkey.

John McSame and the rest of the GOP have got to be praying that when our C+ Augustus heads to the Olympics, the Chinese keep him. (They do know how to keep him occupied.)

While his approval rating, the one more generally reported, remains above Truman at 28%, those that haven't formed an opinion one way or the other on the approval/disapproval scale are far and few in between. (CNN has it even tighter, with only 1% on the fence and the disapprovers topping 71% as of this week.)

I doubt it's really about either loving or hating him. It's about barely tolerating him versus wishing he'd get so toasted at Jenna's wedding he does a header of the North Portico. I'd say half of the 28% aren't really paying attention any more that the deaf/dumb/blind fools who have no opinion, but are being charitable nonetheless -- good Christian folk that they are. (Mom always said if you can't say anything nice ...)

To think that he had 88% of us behind him a month or so after 9/11 with memories of him standing atop a mass grave in Midtown Manhattan boasting he'd get Bin Laden "Dead or Alive."

We're still waiting you petulant, pompous poser. I can't believe we sent in the Marines to redo a Mission that should have been Accomplished 6 years ago.