The Women Who Vex Me
By: Mark W Adams

So, Hillary Clinton's TexOhio firewall held, sorta, to my wife's delight (she really doesn't want to hear about the numbers thingy any more than anyone else who isn't an obsessive blog reading political junkie). Nothing is more annoying than someone doing a little victory dance, who isn't me.

They dressed me up like this. And this isn't MY nose, it's a false one.
IMAO via Rosemary

Then Clinton's campaign went on to piss me off some more (delighting all those who get some morbid satisfaction by my spitting invectives at my television -- like my loving wife) by insisting that John McCain is more qualified to run the country than her fellow Democratic candidate (all to the delight of the right).

Is Hillary really looking for the Lieberman vote?

Chris Bowers nails the absurdity by pointing out that you can't say one minute that you'd consider your opponent as Vice President and in the next breath say you don't think he's qualified for the top spot. You pick a VP because that person is "ready on day one." (Dan Quayles need not apply.)

Clinton advisor Howard Wolfson pissed me off some more when he compared Obama to Ken Starr after the campaign already compared him to Karl Rove and George Bush. Now it turns out it was her people who were giving a wink and nod to Canadian officials about her NAFTA stance, and not the Obama camp as we were all led to believe just a day or two before the biggest NAFTA hating state in the union voted.

But is even this the whole story?
OTTAWA (AFP) — US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's campaign, while rapping rival Barack Obama for telling US voters he is anti-NAFTA and saying otherwise to Canada, tried to reassure Canada too, local media said Thursday. A top aide of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper meanwhile was identified as the likely source of an alleged leak that provoked a diplomatic fiasco involving both US Democratic presidential contenders.
Canadian PM Harper just made my list of Canadians who just piss me off -- like my mother-in-law. (Okay, it's really not that long of a list, but Celine Dion is on there somewhere, and Alanis Morrisette also makes both my list of Canadians and women who are getting on my nerves.)

Obama was making severe inroads on Hillary's poll numbers and certainly looked like he would at least come even if not surpass her last Tuesday but ran out of time. If the trend continued for another week he looked to pass her up -- but in the last days before the election his numbers went flat, even backwards.

I don't think it was the 3am phone call thing. That commercial wasn't even playing in Ohio. It was NAFTA-Gate. (Or maybe there really is something to the SNL Bump.)

If Pennsylvania is really more like Ohio than ... Ohio, then surely this won't be the last chapter in this sad saga. Of course, as a long-time Cleveland Browns fan, Pittsburgh ... in fact the whole Keystone State long ago made my list of things that are simply too annoying to tolerate.