There Is Deluded, And Then There's Dean
By: Mark W Adams

Consider these perspectives and tell me the guy isn't still mainlining Jagermeister.
Karl Rove, one of the smartest men in politics, ...

The situation in Iraq with troublemaker Muqtada al Sadr is wrapping up with fascist forces in full blown defeat and panic mode.

Sadr Surrenders ...

... the Hillary I generally see: a surprisingly smart policy wonk and a genuinely charming and funny person.
And this was just one day in the Alternate universe inhabited by the self-professed neo-con and unabashed Bush apologist Dean Esmay.

Amazing that this guy can't find a job when he would have fit in so well with the liars, spinners and kool aide drinkers in the current administration.

[Anyone else feel kinda creepy about a fat, drunken, nobody of a blogger from Michigan professing his mom-love for Senator Clinton?]


Avedon said...

Um, are you saying that finding a woman smart, funny, and charming is "mom-love"?

Was that agism or sexism or both, Mark?

He may be cracked about politics (and the Great War of Terror), but even I, who can't stand a lot of things about Hillary and desperately wish she had not run in this race, have to admit that she's smart and can be funny and charming. Looks pretty good for a woman her age, too.

Mark W Adams said...

Okay, ya caught me. I was caught up in my Dean Derangement Syndrome.

Hillary is indeed a babe! This was much more about Dean than Hillary, who has railed against everything the Clintons stand for unrelentingly for years.

I just figured the soon-to-be divorced Mr. Esmay sees Hillary as someone he needs/wants/lacks in his miserable life -- someone who will wash his socks. You see, when he praises Hillary, he's lying. When he claims to have always felt that way, he's really lying.

The Queen of All Evil said...

Oh yeah, he's full of it.

Mark W Adams said...

Thank you Mrs. Esmay!

Wow, my two favorite lady bloggers both grace my comments in one post. I am unworthy! First my conscience of my left and then the little demon who hangs on my right shoulder.

If this wasn't April Fools Day, I'd make it a holiday anyway.