I Hope They Can Clean This Up In Translation
By: Mark W Adams

Holden's obsessive tracking of the witlessness of our illustrious C-Plus Augustus is legendary. But today's episode of an interview conducted for Voice of America's Persian News Network was absolutely incomprehensible.
But there is a better way forward. And I thought, for example, the Russians proposed an interesting way, that says -- and I have said publicly, and the Iranian people need to know that I believe Iran has the right to have civilian nuclear power.
I mean, really ...huh?

I can't imagine how that goes over in Farsi. The real fun though is trying to figure out what country he's talking about.
Well, part of the problem is that it's very hard for people to trust the Iranian government because they haven't told the full truth, and that's why the people of Iran have got to understand there are great suspicions right now, not only in the United States, but around the world.
It that a universal thing, or just a problem in Iran? Could you elaborate Mr. President?
In other words, I -- once a nation hasn't told the truth, it requires a lot of work to convince people that they'll be telling the truth in the future.
Ah. I get it now. That's why Preznitin' is such hard work.

Oh, you mean there's more?
And any time a government is failing to meet the needs of people -- or a lot of times, not "any time," but a lot of times governments have failed to meet the needs of their people, particularly in relatively non-transparent, non-free societies they always look for somebody to blame.
Okay, I'm losing this in translation again.

Does this mean that only countries that aren't the U.S. of By God "A" look for someone to blame when the Guv'mnt fuck's over the people. In the words of our Vice President, "So."