Spitzer aka Client 9 Another Victim Of GOP Justice
By: Mark W Adams

I hope FOX is right, and that Eliot Spitzer will be resigning after he apologized once he got caught making arrangements to meet with a high priced hooker.

The sooner this is off the front pages, the better it is for all democrats, especially a certain Senator from New York.

Mind you, this is just getting some on the side, not accepting bribes from defense contractors. It's enough to ruin a political career, especially if the guy is a former prosecutor, but hardly deserving of the lengthy jail sentence so many Republicans are facing and what others should be facing once we get a functional justice department. I am convinced that if Spitzer's name had an "R" after it instead of a "D" he's still be referred to as "Client 9."

I don't think for a minute it's merely a coincidence that the Republican controlled federal government was tapping the phones of a Democratic Governor, or that they're clueless who is bombing recruiting centers in Manhattan but are intimately aware of the sexual proclivities of rival politicians in Albany. They targeted Spitzer to find dirt. Guess what? He's dirty -- and may have been hoisted on his own petard, at least these guys would want you to see it that way.

I feel so much safer knowing that the 1910 Mann Act is being so fiercely enforced, justifying Federal Tax dollars being spent to expose someone crossing state lines to pay for blow jobs. I guess there are no employers to investigate for hiring undocumented workers, or contractors to examine whether they are bilking the government out of more billions, or ah ... any terrorists to watch maybe.

No Halliburton employees have been indicted lately, have they? Has anyone brought any Diebold employees before a grand jury to answer some hard questions? But making a date with an escort service and instead of spending cash on flowers, candy, dinner, hotel and a movie, Eliot cuts to the chase and pays cash (hey, he's a busy guy) -- damn him for all time.

He got caught, and he has to go -- only because the GOP has this whole "culture of corruption thing going against them and I'd like to keep that alive for a bit. But geez, is this really how the FBI should be spending their time?

What bullcrap. After seeing what they did to Alabama Governor Don Siegelman this sad affair seals it for me. The United States Justice Department is a wholly own subsidiary of the Republican Party, and that ain't right.

It wasn't even gay sex with an underage page. What a shame. I hope she was good.


Anonymous said...

Dude, Spitzer is not just a client of organized crime, he was a corrupt defender of them. This is not a politician getting laid, this is the most senior NY prosecutor doing business deals with organized crime in undeniable crime. And maybe now the media will examine Eliot's legacy of protecting his bretherin?

Spitzer's Dilemma: "Eliot Snoozer" 11-02-2006
Lawyer Practicing in New York Admits Advising That Death Threats Are Legal;

Eliot Spitzer Snoozes According to bankruptcyMisconduct.com
NEW YORK, Nov 02, 2006 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- A lawyer admitted to practice in New York and Federal Courts conceded a transcript filed in court contained an accurate portrayal of a conversation in which the lawyer advised his client that it was perfectly fine to threaten to kill someone.

Eliot Spitzer was the elected Attorney General for the State of New York, with ultimate responsibility to enforce the law as well as to uphold the purported ethical standards for attorneys in New York State by following and supporting The Lawyer's Code of Professional Responsibility. Eliot Spitzer has managed an office which rattled the boardrooms of big business throughout the state as he delighted a skeptical citizenry with numerous assaults on corporate misdeeds. Countless industries have had their often secret business practices brought before the courts and thrust into the light of day; except of course, for perhaps the most secretive and lucrative "profession."

Powerful law firms continue to operate above the law and beyond scrutiny. Sadly, Mr. Spitzer's talent for appearing as a zealous foe of corruption and wrongdoing ceases where brethren of the bar are concerned. Apparently Mr. Spitzer believes every business is bad except his own.

Do voters want an Attorney General who protects his partners and associates while prosecuting only those unworthy of special protection? If elected, will Andrew Cuomo continue the Spitzer legacy of Law Firm Protectionism? What could voters expect from Mr. Spitzer as Governor?

This release was authored by bankruptcyMisconduct.com and was not sponsored, advised, or funded by any candidate for office. Statements herein other than fact are opinion and readers are urged to become fully informed of the issues. Documents evidencing factual elements of this press release are public record at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan SDNY 02-13533 docket numbers 17315, 17315A copies available at http://www.bankruptcymisconduct.com.

SOURCE bankruptcyMisconduct.com
= = =

We received some comment from the media questioning the accuracy of the above press release. While we agree that it seems unbelievable, it is true and fully verifiable. Immediately below is an excerpt of the hearing in front of U.S. Bankruptcy judge Arthur J. Gonzalez during which the attorney admits that the transcript which was filed was accurate, in fact the attorney surmises that the conversation was recorded. click here (http://www.bankruptcymisconduct.com/site/dmdocuments/ExerptAttyConcedesTranscript.pdf) for a view of the hearing transcript from the Worldcom / MCI bankruptcy case.While admitting that the transcript of the conversation was accurate, the lawyer and the federal judge surmise that the conversation was recorded. The original motion was filed as docket number 17315 which you can get here, and docket number 17315A has the exhibits which you can get here. If you want only the coversation transcript, which was not originally made during an official proceeding but was conceeded as accurate by the lawyer, it was exhibit C to the motion which you can get here. Following is a highligted excerpt. The attorney's remarks certainly suggest a 3057 referral, unclear is whether the "I" highlighted in red below was a referrence by the attorney to another party who would be hired to perform the killing, or that other parties are threating a killing.

Mark W Adams said...

Dude, If you, like some others, feel that anyone is going to be broken hearted about the the moguls he went after as some kinda justification for this you're barking up the wrong tree.

If you were as outraged about Vitner, then I'd see the righteous indignation as pure. But as some kinda justice for him prosecuting the powerful and the powerful finally getting even -- not so much.

The recklessness is Clintonian since the guy went after prostitution rings as NY AG, but I'm as about impressed by this takedown of this as some victory for the criminal justice system as I was about the DC Madame. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Mark Adams is correct. This is not such a big deal that the Governor gets caught in prostitution (though actually it is for more serious money laundering). In perspective, Clinton didn't get in trouble for having sex with an intern, Clinton got disbarred and impeached for lying under oath. But the real issue with Eliot Spitzer is that he had a long running relationship with at least one arm of organized crime. How can anyone believe that the NeoMafia didn't know and exploit the dirt they held on Spitzer? Spitzer needs to be threatened with 50 years in jail until he talks, names names, and the corruption within Law Enforcement, Law Firms, and their hedge funds is exposed.

Anonymous said...

Eliot Spitzer as a white male has not been charged with any crime yet! But what he did was not just having an affair, he broke the law using a prostitution ring. In contrast we have a black man Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick charged with a crime for sleeping with another woman. She was NOT a prostitute. The prosecutors offices accross this country at the Federal and State levels are controlled by white supremacists who seek to harm anyone who dares encroach upon while male domination of all money in society. At the same time these white supremacists seek to protect their "white male" brothers. Facts are proven at http://whitemalesneverlie.blogspot.com/.
Notice how the white male controlled media spins how the Mann Act is too strange a law for sparkling white Eliot Spitzer, but that law was used to convict and jail black brothers Chuck Berry and Jack Johnson. White Justice is No Justice. When are minorities going to rise up against the double standards?