More Truth In Journamalism
By: Mark W Adams

Truth is Truth, no matter how bitter a pill it is to swallow.
What matters is that the media is now giving itself permission to write the Clintons' epitaph. There is no way for the Clintons to stop the momentum of this narrative once it catches on in the press. Once Tim Russert starts quoting Halperin and Dowd, then everyone will start echoing the new common wisdom. It was too long in coming, but it's too long to the Pennsylvania primary for the Clintons to maintain the fiction that they have a chance.

Now, one of the strongest articles of faith in the business is that the Clintons will never give up and they will do anything to win, even if it hands John McCain the White House on a silver platter. But even the Clintons need the support of a certain baseline percentage of the political establishment. There is no way that Hillary will be president or vice-president, but she might be able to negotiate something of value. Some people have suggested that she could be made Majority Leader of the Senate. I think that's a long shot, mainly because of logistics (how do you get 50-plus senators to agree in advance?). Others have suggested a seat on the Supreme Court. That would be possible if the Democrats pick up a few seats in the Senate (and maybe even without it). And it would be a priceless spectacle to watch the right-wing howl in agony as she took her place on the court.
Hillary on SCOTUS? I'll be dancing in the streets that day.

Realistically, no matter how loud the bitching from certain quarters, support for a nominee doesn't come from a convention vote, but from a general consensus of the people at large. Too enough in our Crossfire style of news reporting the media fails in it's responsibility to rally us around what it best for us all -- as opposed to what the likes of Dick Cheney thinks we should be thinking.

What's best for all of us Democrats is to end the family feud and build a movement that will eliminate the very idea that conservative governance has any place in America anymore. It's a lot more likely that happens when Hillary admits she can't win a fair fight, and won't happen at all if she keeps scorching the earth.

Hillary, I love you, always have. Can you settle for 25 years on the Supreme Court in exchange for 4 or maybe 8 years dicking around with the White House press corp and fighting Congress every damn day?

Good girl.