Should Spitzaer Stay Or Go
By: Mark W Adams

Two Words: Bob Taft.

I reference the former convicted Governor of Ohio not as anty defense or encouragement for Spitzer to duke it out and hang on -- but as an example of why he should step down as soon as possible (although I can't begrudge him for holding out long enough to use his resignation as a bargaining chip with prosecutors.)

Taft was corrupt politically, not personally, and his crimes were not as readily understandable to the public at large as paying for sex. Nevertheless, his approval rating went down so low, single digits even, that anyone even remotely associated with him merely by party affiliation suffered. The Statehouse was swept clean of Republicans and for the first time in a long time the GOP legislature was no longer veto-proof.

Spitzer is now political poison and due to his unique and high profile association with the Junior Senator from New York, he's not doing her or any other Democrat in Albany any favors by staying in the Governor's mansion one minute longer than it takes to make a deal with prosecutors. That much time I'll give him, even though it hurts, but to even suggest that he ride this out like Taft did after he was convicted is as stupid as paying a couple grand for a hand-job.