…When First We Practice to Deceive
By: shep

by shep

No matter what, John McCain’s multiple lies about Al Qaeda in Iran are certainly more proof that John McCain is unfit to serve as Commander in Chief.

dday lays out the case: “Whether McCain is confused, believes what he wants to believe, or is actually deviously conflating various enemies to create a sense of the "Other" is immaterial.

But there is one more possibility that no one has suggested: McCain simply couldn’t keep his lies straight.

It is well-established law enforcement technique to do multiple interviews with a suspect because, when they are lying, gross inconsistencies tend to appear in their story. It can be as basic as the name of a place or person that changes as the perp tells the story again.

So McCain’s intentional lie, that “extremists” were being trained in Iran and sent into Iraq got confused with the usual lie that ”al Qaeda” is the actor in [insert ugly scenario that al Qaeda may or may not have perpetrated here].

So it is quite plausible that McCain just can’t keep his lies straight. He tells a lot of them, he’s not extremely bright and, you may have heard, he’s getting old.

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