Bush Just Gave Me A Concussion
By: Mark W Adams

So fast was my head spinning when The Resident said he remembered when there were Savings & Loans in his speech today before the New York Economic Club -- that he remembered his loan officer.

I find it hard to believe this guy ever had to go to a creditor, hat in hand to ask if he could renegotiate a loan to keep his house. (Keep a busted oil drilling platform operating, or to keep his stinking job, sure.) There'll be an enormous amount of deconstruction of his mendacity, but I just had to blurb this out there.

"W's" brother's savings & loan was a huge beneficiary of the S&L bailout due to Neil Bush's self-serving double-dealing; and Bush's new BFF, John McCain was up to his eyeballs in the Lincoln S&L scandal that led "Ace" to being rebuked by the Senate Ethics Committee for his part in the Keating Five mess.

I just can't believe with this awful and expensive history, the President even mentioned Savings and Loans ever existed.

UPDATE: Yes, he really did say this:

You know the issue like I do, though. I'm old enough to remember savings and loans, and remember who my savings and loan officer was, who loaned me my first money to buy a house.
I remember his banker for Arbusto (Shrub) Energy was the half-brother/cousin of Osama bin Laden...
And had I got in a bind, I could have walked across the street in Midland, Texas, and say, I need a little help; can you help me readjust my note so I can stay in my house? There are no such things as that type of deal anymore. As a matter of fact, the paper -- you know, had this been a modern era, the paper that had -- you know, my paper, my mortgage, could be owned by somebody in a foreign country, which makes it hard to renegotiate the note.
The mind boggles.