I Honestly Hope This Is True
By: Mark W Adams

I truly hope that our Justice Department is functioning as it should, that there is a compelling reason the FBI was investigating Governor Spitzer and he wasn't just a political target as recent history of Gonzales rousting Ashcroft in his hospital room, illegal wiretapping run amok, the US Attorney's Scandal, and the railroading of Alabama Governor Siegelman might suggest.
Newsday via Josh:
But Spitzer had the money broken down into several smaller amounts of less than $10,000 each, apparently to avoid federal regulations requiring the reporting of the transfer of $10,000 or more, the sources said. The regulations are aim to help spot possible illegal business activities, such as fraud or drug deals.

The bank, as is required by law, filed an SAR, or Suspicious Activity Report, with the Internal Revenue Service, reporting the transfer of the money that exceeded $10,000, but had been broken down into smaller amounts, the sources said. …

The assumption, the sources said, was that Spitzer was being victimized either by a blackmailer or an impostor. The agents also speculated that perhaps the governor was involved in some sort of political corruption, the sources said.
It is beyond any doubt that Spitzer was stupid, arrogant and reckless beyond belief just for thinking he could be who he is and still get away with an extra-marital affair, let alone pay for it and never get caught. My hat is off the the professionalism of the ladies at the Emperor's Club for the discretion they were so handsomely paid to provide.

Having such a high profile mark on the hook, a guy who made his bones as a law and order champion and even busted a couple of prostitution rings, provides an almost irresistible target for blackmail by an organization that is by definition a criminal syndicate. Admirably, for "Kristen" and her friends, it was all just business.

So for now I'm satisfied that Spitzer's own stupidity got his ass in the sling ... figuratively that is ... I think.

Meanwhile, between Eliot, Gerry Ferraro's outrageous remarks, and just getting the snot beat out of her in Mississippi, this is turning out to be a pretty shitty week for Hillary Clinton, don't you think?