Mary Matlin, Objectively Pro Obama
By: Mark W Adams

Maybe it's because her husband, James Carville is in the tank for Senator Clinton and they are psychologically incapable on agreeing with each other on anything, but watching GOP shill Mary Matlin on the Tim Russert Show (not to be confused with Meet the Press) her bias towards skewering Hillary while giving Barack Obama a pass was clear.

In an almost breathtaking double-take, Matlin "poo-pooed" talk about Senator Obama's stance on publicly financing his campaign as irrelevant -- that people don't care and are more interested in "Kitchen table issues" like paying bills, health care, etc. She was clearly unimpressed with such inside-baseball issues.

Less than 60 seconds later, Matlin turned around and proclaimed that pseudo-scandals like the Travel Office and Rose law firm billing records were Hillary's "Achilles Heel" and would be her undoing.

I guess in the Carville/Matlin household, Vince Foster's fate is riveting dinner conversation.

I know that's not what we talk about at the kitchen table here in Ohio's Heartland. No doubt the Carville/Matlin clan considers us some kind of elites and just don't know what's important -- like Mary, Timmeh! and the rest of the Potomac Villagers do.