You Go Girl
By: Mark W Adams

Pelosi: Investigate, Prosecute Bush, and roll back his tax cuts.

Good to see someone remember they're Democrats.

I guess when you're riding a popularity wave as strong as this, it's time to hang ten.  Beyond the fact that Obama's leadership rates as high as Bush's inflated numbers right after 9/11, the contrast with Bush now is stark as he has sunk to an all time low and has been there for a couple of years. 

As the principle driver of Obama's legislative agenda, Pelosi is in a great position to stab at the heart of the conservative cabal that ran this country like a mafia fiefdom.  She can take risks Obama won't, lest he lose his mandate -- which in turn will feed Pelosi's success.  It's an interesting dance.

Bottom line though, the conservatives have "emboldened" their worst enemy, a liberal Congress with populist backing.


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot!!! The Pelosi / Obama combo is going to be the begining of the end of our country. You libs are such idiots that you can't even see that. The rebound effect of your bleeding heart social programs and your desire to kiss the feet of our enemies, unsecure our borders and tie the hands of law enforcement and intelligence agencies will ultimately result in the demise of our country. Go ahead and start teaching your kids to speak arabic, russian, and mandrin, they'll need it.

Mark W Adams said...

Actually, my daughter is learning Japanese, but Mandarin is a good idea.

OTOH, you should learn basic English language conventions, like the one requiring the capitalization of not only proper names and nations, but also the language they speak -- Dickhead.

Mark said...

Excellent points in the original article above. It's absolutely true that it's time for the rule of law to be re-established, and that includes finding and prosecuting those who broke national and international law, regardless of how high their position might have been. It's the failure of the law that leads to the destruction of American values and puts the country at risk. It's a shame that some people (like Anonymous) have lost sight of core democratic & republican principles (and I meant to leave those uncapitalized in case anyone is wondering!) It's those principles that make American a model for people around the world - not the untrammeled abuse of power and secret conventions that characterized government activity for the last eight years. Thanks!