He Had Me At My Fellow Americans
By: Mark W Adams

Did Bush's persistence work, were you finally won over after his national TV address last night?  Was it one of the dozen or so exit interviews he's been giving the last couple of weeks that changed your mind?  Was it his engaging smirk smile, his shifty dancing eyes, the sheer logic of his powerful arguments finally making sence the 30th mind-numbing time you heard them? 

What made you finally decide he was right all along -- or at least better than Nixon?
6 percent of the Rasmussen respondents said Bush was one of the five best presidents ever.
Did his single-minded focus on his legacy show you that he's a reformed man, a man who learned from his utter failure to focus on daily intel briefings warning of terrorist attacks, reports of levee breaking storm surges, legal principles prohibiting torture and warrentless wiretapping, or the lack of any real evidence justifying a war he just had to wage?  Has your sympathy for this pitiful figure softened your lust to see him frog-marched to the Hague?

No?  Still think he's a pathetic cretin who deserves the book thrown at him, that justice ignored is no justice at all, that he needs to pay for his misdeeds lest his antics be repeated by future megalomaniac?

Me too.

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themom said...

...or was it the drugs he appeared to have consumed?? What f****ing moron....if he needs help, I will gladly assist in throwing out his personal belongings - a window!!!