Obama: A Lefty, Get Used To It
By: Mark W Adams

President Obama insists on signing a series of executive orders with his left hand, much to the annoyance of conservative right-wing whack-jobs who just won't let it go.


We may not have Bush to kick around anymore, but there are still some gynormous A-holes that need to be culled from the herd, running around with neither direction or purpose.

Limbaugh led the way, and his disgusting display of ideologically driven and barly disguised racial hate must have shocked even die-hard ditto-heads. (Please tell me I'm right.) Hey Rush, I'm hoping YOU fail, dramatically.

Roy Edroso at the Village Voice documented the fist-clenching from several of the usual suspects in Right-Wing Blogistan. Malkinoid, the Corner, and the Red State Brigade were among the mouth-breathers gnashing their teeth as they watched a shining icon dash their dreams of the permanent GOP majority.

Gavin at SN! continues his journeyman's work of reading the likes of Ace of Spades, so you don't have to wonder if he went as "bugshit crazy" on inauguration day as he promised not to. (FAIL).

Pammy of course is the one who makes your head spin, not even trying to be sane.
The man is in office all of what, 48 hours? And what does he tackle? He unshackles the jihad, he closes Gitmo, freeing the worst America haters, jihadis and murderers in the jihad's war on the West. What does he tackle? Eliminating "torture" the most effective tool for extracting information. What's torture - sexual contact with female interrogators, sleep deprivation, waterboarding ........
And what does she expend the most effort (and embolded type font) fumigating about? The order to review the case of Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, bad guy to be sure, but who's never been to Gitmo (or court), and whose detention as an "unlawful combatant" in the Charleston S.C. brig while being treated like a dog when it would seem there are ample criminal charges to bring against him defies logic. However, logic was never Pam's strong suit -- not when there's outrage to be had against anyone who prays in the direction of Mecca (or at least would if someone would tell them where east is in his windowless cell).

As Gavin's buddy Tintin noted, Pammy has zero tolerance for anyone who isn't a Christian or Jew, not even non-believers.
Obama said: “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus–and non-believers. Did he say non-believers? It has always been Christians and Jews (Pammie’s orange highlighting in original.)
So even if a guy was caught in the US, not an Afghan battlefield, and had enough phony credit card numbers on him and connections to terrorists that no jury anywhere would let him ever walk, we can't take any chances, right? Pammy thinks ist's just swell that he never gets a day in court -- just in case ... unless he repents and takes communion with a matza cracker I guess).

...Do unto others? ... Turn the other cheek? ... Much? Bitch?