What Would Tom Paine Think Of The Intertubez?
By: Mark W Adams

Check this out.  Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post decided early this week to become a play-by-play pamphleteer of the changing of the guard in Washington DC.  He decided to post his intermittent thoughts live from the first White House Press Briefing of the new administration Monday, under a screen name he created that morning, TheHyperFix, on Twitter.

By Friday, he was sending short text messaged analysis of the RNC Chairman's election of Michael Steele live from the Hilton Ballroom to 1,500 followers world-wide -- "Tweeting" history as it unfolded before his eyes -- and catalogued the event in real time.  His following will no doubt increase ten-fold in the very near future.

What a remarkable time we live in.