Post Obstruction GOP Retreat
By: Mark W Adams

Not that kind of retreat.  They're still offensive, er ... on the offensive. 

The House Republicans are "celebrating" their united, yet failed attempt to halt President Obama's stimulus plan at a posh Virginia resort.


Welcome to the fabulous Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia, where the Republican leadership is gathering to plan their resurgence and enjoy the luxurious amenities like despicable despots of old.

Nothing says you're in tune with the Joe Six-pack than the Spa's Historic Journey Treatment:
This journey is filled with treatments that have been enjoyed since 1766: Swiss Shower, Jefferson Pool Salt Soak, Ginseng Body Wrap and 50-minute Swedish Massage.
130 minutes - $315
I dunno if I even want to know what a "Swiss Shower" is.  Does a quartet of yodelers douse you in Riccola-scented chocolate-flavored edelweiss water?  Think they'll throw in one of them there Passion Fruit Sugar Scrubs and the Pear Blossom Manicure and Pedicure if you offer a nice tip?

And what the hell is "The Cure" that comes with the $420 "Cascades" experience?  Let's just hope it will fix John Boehner's bronzing hue.

Quick update from a twittering hostage inside one of the meetings at this rather nice hotel:
Chuck Colson telling us that the financial
house of cards had to collapse because of the moral failure of
borrowing without responsibility.

Yep, nothing says you're on the right track than sipping 40 year-old scotch, listening to a Watergate conspirator lecture you on financial responsibility, and getting a lobbyist pay for your 50-minute Swedish massage all in one day.  Good Times. (HT: Roadkill Refugee's Tweets)