Opinions I Should Have Had
By: Mark W Adams

Lots to say 'bout lots of stuff.  I did anyway, until my laptop decided to turn itself into a piece of modern art.  Powercord/battery issues.  The issue is they're broken.  I'm confident it had nothing to do with its reflexive recoil at the opening of the 111th Congress -- or its user propelling it in disgust.

It's on life-support now, lots of wires coming out of various slots as I perform a transfusion of data into an external drive while the patient sits upside-down with its guts exposed.

I'm thinking superglue as a substitute for wiggling the power connection when/if I can get it back together and running.


Panneta:  I like the pick.  He was one of the few folks remaining in the room after guys like George Tenant left the situation room and actually had to decide what to do with 'slam dunk" intel.  However, we either should be alarmed or accept the new post-partisanship when Larry 'Whitey Tape" Johnson is "pleasantly surprised" about the nomination and these stooges endorse it, watch your ass.

Burriss: This guy is a goofball of the first order, and Illinois deserves him after putting so many crooks in their governor's mansion.  Just spare me the race-baiting bullCongrats Senator, try not to embarrass yourself and leave the circus to the professional clowns...

Speaking of Senator Franken: Next time your thinking about subjecting anyone to a 'clever" Stuart Smally-ism ("He's good enough, He's smart enough ...yadda, yadda"), keep this in mind lest you too reveal that you're either irony challenged or addicted to anti-addiction therapy:
"You don't know what you're doing. They're gonna cancel the show [column/blog/internet access/Playboy subscription]. You're gonna die homeless and penniless and twenty pounds overweight."
Krugman is wrong about Sanjay Gupta, but he's been wrong before -- at least according to this nimrod who staked his now defunct reputation on the complete economic disintegration of China, that the [never happened] collapse of their biggest banks would bring down their communist government -- a theme he's been harping on all decade. 

No, the trouble with Gupta is not that he was on the wrong side of a pissing match with Michael Moore.  It's that Sanjay's a Michigan allum.  Last thing this nation needs is more self-important losers donning Wolverine jackets -- that goes for Moore too.

Finally, on the tax-cut heavy stimulus package.  [Let the guy with the Nobel medal be your guide.]  I'm starting to understand that the hope/change post-partisanship era we have entered means that Obama will give everyone something to bitch about.