Today In MicroBlogging
By: Mark W Adams

Twitter has taken over as my primary information overload resource, but as (@jayrosen_nyu) Jay Rosen of PressThink said today,
"There is no such thing as information overload, there’s only filter failure."
, Catching my fancy, as it should yours, were these:
  • Scary question, terrifying answer: they got nothin' to keep the Blue Dogs in line. http://is.gd/hCu3

  • Only 1 case of Voter fraud found in OH despite effort 2 crucify ACORN - & they weren't involved w/self-confessed dbl voter http://is.gd/hBXG

  • Reading: "WTF?" How do they keep straight face - lectures from the same asshats WHO DROVE US INTO THIS DITCH? ( http://tinyurl.com/deemzj )

  • Check out "The $4000 handmade rattle - Boing Boing" (HT @kristanite) ( http://tinyurl.com/c9u4xd )

  • @roadkillrefugee Obama also dropped the grammatically correct "Democratic" (dropping "ic") today. Hoping for a different result.
If you're someone who's read my blog over any length of time, you're sure to appreciate just what a challenge it is for me to complete a though in 140 characters or less.  (For example, the last sentence was 32 characters too long.)

We covered Dick Armey being a dick to Joan Walsh on Hardball, Jessica Alba proving Bill O'Reilly is a dick too, and of course, all things StimPak, wherein the GOP just doesn't get it.

As long as you avoid anything tagged with #TCOT (Top Conservatives On Twitter -- like my stalker Ken Blackwell) you'll be in little danger of brain hemorrage getting hip deep in the Twitterverse.  Unlike Mememorandum, you don't need any greasemonkey scripts or special flash add-ons to identify Teh Stupid on Twitter. 

ALL conservatives think they are a "Top."  So they wear that little hashtag (#) "tcot" which is easy to avoid.  Kinda like how you could tell the "okay" Germans on Hogan's Heros from the really evil Nazi types who always sported an swastika armband.  The uniform thingy is an authoritarian trait, see.