Shi'ite Meet Fan ... again. Rockets FIRED From LEBANON!
By: Mark W Adams

I take it back that the Gaza mayhem would be over before Obama has to worry about it.  I should know better than get into the prediction business.

With al Sadr rousing the rabble in Iraq to retaliate against US forces and now Lebanon's Hezbollah joining the Hamas mess by launching missiles into Galilee, this crap could get completely out of hand by the time Barack gets sworn in -- cuz the C+ Augustus ain't doing a damn thing about this.  That's a prediction I feel confident in.  "aWol" will remain inept, incompetent and impotent.
In what could be a major escalation in the current crisis, Lebanon has fired 3 [4 -- no five six ...]  rockets into Israel, hitting west Galilee; several injured. [and Israel is returning fire...]
~via BNO News from their Twitter Tweets.