Its You-Tube, Not Can I Borrow YouR-Tube
By: Mark W Adams

They just don't get it.

At 12:38 p.m. this afternoon, the RNC attempted to post the Weekly Republican Address by Leader Boehner as a "video response" to President Obama's address on YouTube. More than six hours one day later, the GOP video response is still waiting to be "approved by" the President's Internet team.
Small wonder the lock-step authoritarians would go this route instead of building their own brand and starting their own YouTube Channel.

Any teenager with a cameraphone can (and does) respond to anything and everything put on the web, but these idiots want permission? They want the White House stamp of approval on their stupidity, a rant designed to undermine every move the President makes? Puhleeze.

Did Obama ask Bush for permission to post video responses on YouTube to Bush's weekly radio address? I think not. He just started doing it.


UPDATE: You know, if the Vatican can start up their own YouTube channel, you'd think the RNC could do the same and post Boehner's little message for the malcontents there. Oh Wait! They did!

Wadda bunch of whiners.