Who The Hell Elected Rush Limbaugh
By: Mark W Adams

Over at C&L, John Amato quite reasonably observes,
When hasn't Rush Limbaugh been the face of the GOP? Why is it so hard for the media to admit this simple fact? Rush speaks for the GOP. He speaks many of the impolitic fusillados that they all believe in, but would never say out loud although during the past eight years we have heard some pretty sick things coming out of the House Republicans...
Legitimacy via democratic process has never been something conservatives concern themselves with when it inconveniently conflicts with their quest for power -- power for its own sake because they obviously have no interest in governing, solving problems, making life better for all of us.

When a duly elected member of Congress has to genuflect before Limbaugh lest he alienate his constituency, someone, somewhere ceded way too much influence to the drug-addled gasbag.  However, within a significant element of our society, Limbaugh's influence comes from something much more intrinsic to the psyche -- not elected as so many discredited politicians are, but selected by what many instinctively feel is the natural order of things. 

Rush has amassed considerable wealth, sits atop a wide-reaching network and has has the ear of millions who absorb his tortured world-view through osmosis even if his listeners by-and-large swear they don't agree with "everything" Rush spews from his golden microphone.  He's a First Amendment bully, but for his crowd might makes right.

He's an authority figure for a constituency made up primarily of those who pedantically defer to authority, any authority.  Conformists who cling to the thought that they are not alone as long as someone like Limbaugh is there thinking for them, making sense of a world they couldn't be bothered to understand. 

If you are the type who values wealth and power above all else, he's your guy.  However, if you have found alternate measures of self-fulfillment superior to the obsessive collection of material goods, I don't need to tell you what a disgusting embarrassment Rush Limbaugh is to the human race.