The Orignal Plan
By: Mark W Adams

If things had worked out the way Obama might have originally wanted, maybe John Edwards would have been Attorney General and maybe Wesley Clark would be taking over the Pentagon.

That would have shut the malcontents up, maybe.

Unfortunately both are currently mending self-inflicted wounds.  Clarke's aren't as deep as John's, but he pissed off enough of even the more moderate republicans to make his life difficult -- and distractions are something the Defense Secretary doesn't need right now as we draw-down from Iraq (yay!) and try to fix Afghanistan (and Pakistan while we're at it). 

Besides, Clarke hasn't really tried to mend any fences, cuz he was right.  McCain's experience as a POW was not a prep-class for holding executive power.  Edwards has put his toe in the water of redemption, but placing him on the national stage, at least now, simply invites scorn and ridicule.  That's something No-Drama-Obama just ain't gonna do.

Since a wise man convinced me that it's best to judge what they do instead of what they say, I'm in good company waiting until Obama actually, you know, does something.

Maybe if the progessives out there banging their heads against the wall, convinced we're getting screwed, pray hard enough the Flying Spaghetti Monster might get them that pony -- and the winning lottery numbers, and . . .