Blagojevich Highlights Different Dem And GOP Views
By: Mark W Adams

"Rod Blagojevich was arrested for trying to sell a seat in the Senate to the highest bidder. Isn't that crazy? Yeah. And folks, if convicted, he could wind up in prison, where his seat will be sold to the highest bidder."
--Conan O'Brien

The Republicans, OTOH, have perfected the No Bid concept to the point where they'll fling billions at banks, some of whom didn't even ask for or want a hand out.

Another twist on this theme, did ya see that the White House sent out a two-page memo on How To Praise Bush?  (I can't bear to look at the actual memos, since I like my kool-aide pee free.)

Democrats of course need no prompting to tackle how they prefer to characterize the legacy of His Deciderness.  The only problem would be keeping the list of miserable failures down to a mere two pages, or two volumes if you take any time to think about it.